Tuesday, October 2, 2012

@ProudProChoice Twitter Followers

I'd like to start with a brief lesson in manners:
Geoff I love your pies so very very much :) Can you do one on us out of interest? Thanks!
For those of you unaware, the above is a polite request for a favour.

The below badgering which started at a quarter to midnight on a school night is not:
I passed out from boredom midway through, but not before being called dishonest and a shill. For those of you unaware, this is not the way to request a favour.

So Sinéad gets the favour:
and @yelofmail gets to stand by his principles of not being civil. Everyone wins.

I must say it's nice to finally find a group with a majority Irish follower list.


Anonymous said...

*Waves from UK*

Northern Ireland, to be precise.

Geoff said...

Hi! For consistency, all NI addresses fell under UK for all reports.

Hope you enjoyed.