Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nick Griffin - Liked or Loathed?

Few can have escaped notice of Nick Griffin's decision to tweet the address of a gay couple and encourage his followers to picket their house, promising them in his own words "a bit of drama". Their crime? They recently won a discrimination case against Christian B&B owners who refused them service when their sexuality became apparent. After taking a moment to revise downwards my faith in humanity, I found myself wondering what sort of folk follow this lumbering buffoon.

At present he has 18,991 Twitter followers, a dozen or so having unfollowed in the hour it took me to do some data analysis. This represents but 0.03% of the UK population but still seems a distressingly high number. With that in mind I asked myself how many of these fine folk actually like Nick.

Examining nineteen thousand Twitter accounts is not a task to which I would leap so I took the approach of assuming that these upstanding citizens would be honest in their interactions with Nick. When someone tweets directly to Nick and says "your existence sickens me and your party is a shambles of epic proportions", I judge it reasonable to assume they do not see eye to eye with the goals of the BNP or the philosophies of its leader. Equally, should someone address a tweet to Nick saying something like "Nick, plz dont get soft. U need to affirm that Britain is 4 the White British ONLY" we can safely say that they are of one mind on political issues.

I restricted myself to people who follow @NickGriffinMEP, and pulled the latest tweet from each account. I then filtered these tweets so only interactions with Nicky were shown. Then, I did my best (despite some frankly awful spelling) to divide the messages into ones of support, and those suggesting - to summarise their voices - that Nick is a corpulent loon, undeserving of the oxygen he so rudely commandeers, and uncomfortable with his true sexuality.

I expected a small but vocal vanguard of people voicing their disagreement. By only pulling his followers' latest tweet I limited myself to just one tweet per person, so the figures aren't skewed by anyone going on a long rant. Typically when I look at groups in this manner I see maybe 10% of followers who dislike the account in question.

It seems I've misjudged his followers. Greatly. The majority of his followers who have recently tweeted to him consider him a jerk, often using quite inventive language to ensure their point is heard.

For your amusement I reproduce the commentary below. The word cloud at the top of the article is of all comments tweeted to him at the time of the scan. For those of a nervous disposition be warned: the language can be colourful:

People who dislike Nick Griffin

@nickgriffinmep  a touch of racism there nick #BBCNolan @StephenNolan
@nickgriffinmep  how dare you,  pathetic!!! Opinions like yours give our nation its bad reputation!!! Go and take your face for a shite!!
@nickgriffinmep - Someone here must remember who coined the phrase "swivel eyed lunatic" for Nicholas - was it Dennis Skinner by any chance?
@nickgriffinmep - You bandwagon jumping tool.
@nickgriffinmep all your are is a bigoted, inbreed pitiful excuse of a man and your supporters are the exact same you utter bellend
@nickgriffinmep Are there any depths you wont stoop to you bigoted bastard?
@nickgriffinmep are you proud to be a traitor to all those gave their lives fighting fascism in the Second World War?
@nickgriffinmep Are you the head of the serbian FA??
@nickgriffinmep bet you feel like a huge tit right now when a loyalist said they dont associate with people like you haha you fascist clown.
@nickgriffinmep bet you wouldn't be outraged if it was a brown stick he was carrying, ey NICK?
@nickgriffinmep biggoted national party is wat u stand4 &the people of ni hav moved 4ward, ur kind of politics is not wat any country needs
@nickgriffinmep climb back into your hole you disgusting excuse of a human being
@nickgriffinmep cunt
@NICKGRIFFINMEP Do you not realise that your an arsehole?
@nickgriffinmep fat fuck
@nickgriffinmep haha I'm building a mosque outside your house
@nickgriffinmep Haven't you spoken enough ***t for today, have you got the runs or something?
@nickgriffinmep he would probably recommend a diet for you
@nickgriffinmep hetrophobia? your a fucking gremlin, do us all a favour and wear a polythene bag you cretin.
@nickgriffinmep Hi Fat Boy... What the fuck does being Loyalist have to do with sectarianism?  Fucking GIMP!
@nickgriffinmep how about some statistical factual debate in the north id love to wipe the fllor with your views #invitetodebate
@nickgriffinmep How can you be sure they're British seals? What if they're foreign and don't have the right to be in 'our' waters #bigotry
@nickgriffinmep I can't help but feel your tweet with that couples address was irresponsible, knowing the audience you have and all.
@nickgriffinmep I don't even know if your on a massive wind up or just a fucking mentalist!
@nickgriffinmep i have gay friends and is unacceptable to descriminate and to top it up expose home address on a social network
@nickgriffinmep I heard that there was going to be a demonstration outside your home today by all your gay friends. Eye for an eye!!!
@nickgriffinmep I heard they're in a closed relationship nick. Even if they weren't, I don't think you would stand a chance #nickgagging
@nickgriffinmep I hope u aren't allowed entry in places - I would be discriminating against u on the grounds your an ugly twat
@nickgriffinmep i put money on it.. Uv had anal and given oral
@nickgriffinmep if you want BNP to ever get political power, you will have to amend your written views to be less offensive...
@nickgriffinmep I'm gonna teabag your mother for a laugh
@nickgriffinmep inciting attack on a couples home hardly mep behaviour just that of a thug
@nickgriffinmep Is a homophobic prick and shouldn't be allowed to lead a dog, let alone a political party #CUNT
@nickgriffinmep is one mental cunt
@nickgriffinmep Islam is an Ideaology, I mean who would have sex with a 9yr old child and think its right!..Mohammed did!
@nickgriffinmep I've seen better looking heads on a boil # fat ugly cunt
@nickgriffinmep Just watched your comical performance on the Nolan show last night. Why do you do that to yourself? Made me cringe
@nickgriffinmep maybe you should be eaten because you're one disgusting racist homophobic creature!
@nickgriffinmep My Address is (Removed - Geoff) I'm openly gay... Give me your worst Nicki ;)
@nickgriffinmep never fail to amaze us all you muppet!!
@nickgriffinmep Nick Griffin & Abu Hamza Al-Masri are one of the same Why can people in this day and age still get away with spreading hate?
@nickgriffinmep Nick Griffin your a facist backward moron... no one likes you, go get a life
@nickgriffinmep Nick, to be a Christian, is to follow the man Jesus. Follow him truly, and I - + others - will follow you
@nickgriffinmep no excuses for retaliation in that way when your an MEP even for one as irrelevant as u! #ProudFenian
@nickgriffinmep not only are your views old fashioned and wrong, they are unwanted. Sincerely the sane percentage of the British public.
@nickgriffinmep Nothing wrong with a bit of bum action, It's even funnier in a Christian BnB. LOL...
@nickgriffinmep Oh Nick. Come hither, and I will give you a big cuddle plus a whisker rub on your nether regions.  xxx  #wanksock
@nickgriffinmep Peaceful #EDL? Are you for real? Abusing everybody whose not white, throwing missiles, spitting at people. How lovely
@nickgriffinmep pillock
@nickgriffinmep Please work on your grammar.
@nickgriffinmep put on a white pillowcase or suicide bomber jacket think yous all come from the same genepool SCUM
@nickgriffinmep republicans of eire know our history unlike you BNP , kkk , nazis, rascist sectarian bastards stay out brits out
@nickgriffinmep Shame. Shame on you
@nickgriffinmep should resign and a man who can  actually lead and speak to the people should replace him. Nationalism isnt just for racists
@nickgriffinmep Shouldn't you be too busy being racist or homophobic?
@nickgriffinmep shut the fuck up #twat
@nickgriffinmep shut the fuck up you little tramp, when I see you am gonna smash your face in, how can you even call yourself a christian!
@nickgriffinmep so anything you don't agree with should be destroyed is what you're insinuating
@nickgriffinmep so, basically, you're saying that criminals are typically black? jesus you are some serious fucking cunt.
@nickgriffinmep Streisand Effect at its finest :D
@nickgriffinmep Surely by sending a "British Justice Team" you mean offering a free trial void of discrimination? #homophobic #BNP
@nickgriffinmep the BNP is a joke, the correct term for you would be a downtard.
@nickgriffinmep this is one of the most irresponsible acts I have ever seen! An MEP?  Surely not for much longer!
@nickgriffinmep this must be fake profile !
@nickgriffinmep time to come out the closet!! all this hatred!! Just because you like it in the a**
@nickgriffinmep top class douche!
@nickgriffinmep u are one wanker of a man
@nickgriffinmep Ur nothing but a British Hun bigot racist smelly tramp. State of u. #UPTheIRA
@nickgriffinmep Using religion as an excuse for fascism #lazy #coward #equality
@nickgriffinmep Were you sat with the Serbia fans at the England Under 21s game earlier this week by any chance??? #racist #bigot
@nickgriffinmep What a fucking pudding you are.
@nickgriffinmep What a ridiculous thing to say
@nickgriffinmep what a twat
@nickgriffinmep what a vile person you are just looking up your address so we can org a rally outside! Disgusting this is why no one votes4u
@nickgriffinmep What about muslim seals?
@nickgriffinmep What about your links to the National Front? Also, will you post your home address, or are you simply a coward?
@nickgriffinmep what would you do if your kids were/are gay ?? I'm assuming you have kids seeing as though your a despicable cunt
@nickgriffinmep what's WRONG with you?
@nickgriffinmep What's wrong with you? What a truly despicable thing to say.
@nickgriffinmep Why are you such a stupid, careless cunt?
@nickgriffinmep Would you feel differently nick if your own son told you he was gay? Serious question.
@nickgriffinmep wouldn't expect much better from you. Disgusting
@nickgriffinmep wow Nick you're soo hot, can I arrange for some boys to come round and suck you off
@nickgriffinmep you are a bully, you turd.
@nickgriffinmep you are a disgrace to this country.
@nickgriffinmep you are one ugly guy.
@nickgriffinmep you done well big man
@nickgriffinmep You Griffin, are a hateful fat cunt. If I had a gun I would shoot you myself. You hateful ugly looking bastard.
@nickgriffinmep you hardly need another dinner you fat fuck
@nickgriffinmep you need help with the hate you show you idiot
@nickgriffinmep you sad useless individual
@nickgriffinmep you sir, are a complete and utter cretin.  Inciting hate crimes against a gay couple? Jail surely? ya prick.
@nickgriffinmep you sir, are a total waste of oxygen and an embarrassment to British society! Your nothing short of an evil bigot #Shameful
@nickgriffinmep you vile sick man
@nickgriffinmep your a joke! by the way i rode your wife last night! you sectarian cunt!
@nickgriffinmep Your an idiot!!! #ihateprejudicepeople how would you feel if they were your family members #everyoneisequal
@nickgriffinmep Your comments are pathetic. Do you try to be offensive or are you really just ignorant?
@nickgriffinmep your existence sickens me and your party is a shambles of epic proportions.
@nickgriffinmep your gonna be exposed as the ignorant dumbass u r.. Yet again u stupid pathetic weasel.. U and your supporters
@nickgriffinmep your just a vile little scumbag who knows nothing about Irish politics only to incite bigotry. Stay at home the next time!!!
@nickgriffinmep your mother shoulda swallowed you lowlife wanker!! post your address online and lets see who gets visited first?
@nickgriffinmep your party shold be collapsed.racist,sexist, homophobe's...our country does not need you. .
@nickgriffinmep you're a bit dodgy morally u bung eyed tw@t.
@nickgriffinmep you're a loony
@nickgriffinmep you're such a dick
@nickgriffinmep you've just self destructed after those Fenian comments !!! #totalidiot
@nickgriffinmep. Why would you hold a demo against people who won a court case?
@nickgriffinmep - Save Our Seals.......Aw, what a lovely, cuddly character you are.

People who like Nick Griffin

@nickgriffinmep   Don't listen to the lefties.
@nickgriffinmep   good night nick
@nickgriffinmep   Haut la Garenne was implicated in child abuse before the Saville balloon went up...then quickly quashed...
@nickgriffinmep   Nick, plz dont get soft. U need to affirm that Britain is 4 the White British ONLY.
@nickgriffinmep   Spot on Nick, right about grooming, right about this. I remember the coverage the night Obama was elected!
@nickgriffinmep  all nationalist must join together and not split so we can fight as one
@nickgriffinmep  as an English patriot can i ask why the BNP are visiting  Walsinghmam?  isnt the Queen was the head of England and not RC!
@nickgriffinmep  can't argue with this at all.
@nickgriffinmep  Cos you say it like it is .... We lost so many values
@nickgriffinmep  Do you still need reinforcement from other EU countries to patrol the streets? Or is it all over now?
@nickgriffinmep  ha up nick we started the new campaign in stoke it on the bog called the voice of smallthorne please take a look
@nickgriffinmep  If a protest had been called outside the home of a vivsectionist the masses would applaud! Double standards as usual!
@nickgriffinmep  Nick, what are your thoughts on the alleged racial abuse aimed at our under 21's this week in Serbia ?
@nickgriffinmep  well said nick!!! Hope they get the respect they deserve!!!
@nickgriffinmep *That* is a bloody good point!
@nickgriffinmep Absolutely correct, Nick.
@nickgriffinmep all the best on Nolan tonight there's more behind you in Northern Ireland than they think, #KeepUlsterBritish.
@nickgriffinmep another attack on free speech, when will the people of these great isles see the truth for themselves
@nickgriffinmep as are the Muslims, Gays, Blacks, Jews and the Polish :-)
@nickgriffinmep Ask your supporters to help bring order to our streets!
@nickgriffinmep congratulations Nick
@nickgriffinmep couldn't agree more with the tweet regarding kriss donald & charlene downes etc .. the state doesnt care for its own
@nickgriffinmep didn't the gay couple have a rent a mob outside the Christian couples home. I think that was what he was saying. #tit4tat
@nickgriffinmep do you really call a spade a spade?! You're so refreshing
@nickgriffinmep Do you think that the EU will exist formuch longer?
@nickgriffinmep dont forget nick we dont have freedom of speech in this country
@nickgriffinmep Dont get put off by all the hate that gets sent to you.
@nickgriffinmep don't think that we r all like last nights audience, we need people like you. Our voice is not allowed to heard. Bravo
@nickgriffinmep fair play 2 u for standing up against sinn fein !!!
@nickgriffinmep Fenian bastards eh? Who's the narrow minded bigot now?! Take ur Lambeg drum & go bk to your 'Queens' country ur not welcome!
@nickgriffinmep for prime minister
@nickgriffinmep Free speech has been abolished by a government which has brainwashed most of the UK's population.
@nickgriffinmep fuck off griffin
@nickgriffinmep fucking rat
@nickgriffinmep gays/muslims are full of self hatred that they cant help radiating it out on others, confused little minds, well said Nick
@nickgriffinmep Going back to England this summer, would be great to meet a few of the BNP guys.
@nickgriffinmep good man Nick, we ve all heard of Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
@nickgriffinmep Great stuff ,nice to meet you in Morden Nick and thanks for the picture opportunity. best wishes Rob.
@nickgriffinmep Greetings from the Portsmouth group and a very good meeting in Bognor. Best wishes, Doug Laybourne
@nickgriffinmep Haha, you sir, are a legend.
@nickgriffinmep Hi nick dave here. Love you twitter account, fucking foreigners. LOL :)
@nickgriffinmep hi nick hope all the support is going well!!!
@nickgriffinmep Hi nick I have'nt received the Voice of Freedom or any correspondence for months is there a problem? I am a BNP member
@nickgriffinmep Hi Nick im a great Follower of The BNP and would like a Bnp member to stand in our area as there is support for the BNP here
@nickgriffinmep Hi Nick not shure bout twitter is it better than facebook ? Martin south tyneside
@nickgriffinmep Hope you do well in Stoke tonight. We need real change Mr Griffin
@nickgriffinmep how u doing nick proud 2 be a member of the bnp when r u next in scotland?
@nickgriffinmep  Drop a Like Nick ? as there is No other group in our area thanks
@nickgriffinmep I absolutely agree with you Nick. They arn't the only ones who should be out of this country.
@nickgriffinmep I hope you have a great weekend!!
@nickgriffinmep I just wanted to say that I think your a real brave guy for standing up for what you believe in. You have my vote!
@nickgriffinmep I'm a new follower of yours, very impressed by your interview on 5 just now. Get my vote anytime
@nickgriffinmep It's a great shame there is not more people like you taking interest in Northern Irish culture and tradition,no surrender
@nickgriffinmep Jesus would say Nick is right and would sit down and chat with up-set the left.
@nickgriffinmep keep up the good work , love it!!!!
@nickgriffinmep Keep up the good work Nick well said ,fuck all the haters
@nickgriffinmep keep up the good work Nick! #ng4pm
@nickgriffinmep keep up ur gd work
@nickgriffinmep Keep us informed Nick well done. A little truth hurts a lot of people!!!!!!!!
@nickgriffinmep legend trying to get our country back to how it was
@nickgriffinmep may they run, when we get SUN !
@nickgriffinmep maybe that makes mo a paedo too then griff
@nickgriffinmep new twitter petition to get you off here Nick long live someone with the balls to say what needs to be said #bnp
@nickgriffinmep nick i dont think this is enough time to rally the troops
@nickgriffinmep nick watched the nolan show last night, you were out numberd mate,
@nickgriffinmep not far from me either nick can you send me a contact email address for you please mate im about to go and vote now
@nickgriffinmep only one course of action for paedos Nick, and it involves a NOOSE!
@nickgriffinmep Or maybe its the curse of speaking out about racist Muslim child groomers. They will get her for that.
@nickgriffinmep Perhaps ya should just Piss Off from NI as its very clear you don't have a clue about the place
@nickgriffinmep Please get this out a.s.a.p. Folks over here see even less of what is really going on.. Ta Nick!
@nickgriffinmep please just tweet me back.. You are a ledgend, not a racist, not a facist, just a pure ledgend.
@nickgriffinmep please RT, [names removed - Geoff], puffs from [address removed - Geoff]
@nickgriffinmep proud of you today brave man no surrender
@nickgriffinmep rightly so,an eye for a eye
@nickgriffinmep Telling it as it is
@nickgriffinmep That poppy burner Emdadur Choudry is Bangaldeshi origin not Pakistani....looks like cambridge graduates are also dumb also
@nickgriffinmep The 2 callers on the show were from Andersonstown and West Belfast!One called you a small minded bigot, oh the irony...
@nickgriffinmep The gays should pick on Islamic Extremists who don't let them in their organisation.
@nickgriffinmep the man is an idiot. You did your best and handled yourself well under simply one sided biast comments made towards you.
@nickgriffinmep they dont like hearing the truth.
@nickgriffinmep this guy is not messing around hes doing a one-man tv broadcast.. camera,mic and interviewing. tell its not in the UK. :))
@nickgriffinmep total respect to you!!! We need more honest politicians instead of thieving liars!!! #BNP
@nickgriffinmep u should be prime minister!
@nickgriffinmep UR A LEGEND!!! We need more politicians like you!!
@nickgriffinmep we need more politicians like you fuck steven nolan hahah
@nickgriffinmep We need the Army!!! Cameron would rather have them fighting a pointless war, thousands of miles away!!!
@nickgriffinmep we need you as pm, tories, labour and lib dems are all talk no action, we need a leader not a bullshiter!!!!
@nickgriffinmep well done for standing up to the militant gays and left wing judges,what u say is true to all
@nickgriffinmep well done nick nice wee jab at Sinn Fein and the Fenian bigots. We could do with more people like you in Northern Ireland.
@nickgriffinmep well done nick, am with u 100pc. Most decent Brits are right behind u. Homosexuality is against every law of nature and God!
@nickgriffinmep Well done Nick. Power to you.
@nickgriffinmep well nick - I think you're an awesome chap. ignore these neo lib sheep they are all fast asleep!!!
@nickgriffinmep well said and those of you who don't like what he says don't follow him!
@nickgriffinmep well said nick.
@nickgriffinmep what a lovely man Peter is. I'm sure there's a name for people like him. #nonce
@nickgriffinmep What do you expect, In a country where being British is a crime.Muslim fanatics have nothing on the pan nationalist front
@nickgriffinmep what's goin on can't you get some of your members to disperse this load of bollocks I would gladly help
@nickgriffinmep Yes but we must never forget the Muslim's Goal is to Install there Sharia law in Great Britain, (Oblivion) by B/Door
@nickgriffinmep Yes the white trash labour can't be trusted.Blacks can't be trusted but labour brought the Blacks to increase votes.
@nickgriffinmep yes, drowning people is exactly what the middle-eastern Jew would want

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