Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nick Griffin Followers In Their Own Words

Some may have found my earlier article on Nick Griffin a little harsh. Pointing out that a significant number of his followers consider him a waste of perfectly good carbon may have created a negative impression of the chap. In the interest of balance I've decided to allow some space for the genuine fans of Nick Griffin to let us know a little about themselves.

Below are Twitter biographies and Tweets from his real supporters, unedited and untruncated. They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps. Start by judging how some of Nick's followers choose to describe themselves in their Twitter biographies:

White and European heritage, identity, race. Must stop mass immigration from hi-jacking White heritage!White Nationalist Community Astrologer, author of The Yoga Sutra -- A New Commentary, White European activist *WARNING-DO NOT READ OR FOLLOW if* - You like immigrants TAKING LIBERTIES in ENGLAND, don't like the word CUNT & you don't like to hear it AS IT IS! *WELCOME* Married 2 girls, Barnsley Fc supporter, white English. "I hate racist people, who think its ok to slag off white people, when whitesright. if your sexy and white, ill follow you. nationalist" Not a Muslim cant stand them.But a 75year old that survived the blitz and a humanitarian.Palestinian activist #WhitePride. Rid our great country of #niggers. Join me. demonstrate White power over @AfricanAndProud #bringbackslavery proud to be who i am. white British. White Nationalist anti Zionist/Globalist. An avid believer in British nationalism and pro-white affairs. I Don't care what part o the world you come from if your a far left muslim extremist we cant be friends 18+ #SDL I love to eat chicken, rice and pea, bogle to Bob marley, smoke weed and fuck white bitches with my big golly cock. White pride world wide If its Racist to love your White Aryan Blood, then I will proudly say I'm RACIST!! "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children. D.L." Barry, Bazza to my crusader brothers. Taking a stand against all the Muslimists and Islammers before all 0.3% of them take over my home town. 16 years old. British. White Nationalist. Nachtmahr on Stormfront. Hate me all you want. My bio is simple. Niggers, Jews, Homosexuals, Mexicans, Arabs, and all different kinds of Chinks STINK! And I HATE EM! Voice of the White Resistance Worldwide. Concerned about the anti-white genocide worldwide! "The United Klans of America Imperial Klaliff North WWW.THEUKA.US 1-855-311-1488 EXT:311 We are Fighting for your right to be White! Bobby (Ghost) Gean" Angry American Voter. Constitutional Nationalist. Student. Pro White but not racist unlike La Raza & the New Black Panthers, for instance. 16, White British, apparently posh, sarcastic and you'll probably dislike me. We Are Hear To Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children Everywhere.#Wpww #1488 #RaHoWa Chairman Of the WHITE NATIONALIST FRONT. Call or text the WNF @ (905) 809-1314 A White Nationalist tweeting White Nationalism for All ! Also Check out my WN youtube. I DOOOOOOOONT LIIKE MUZZRATS!!! but kik me at missyengland84 patriots xxxx PS muzzies not welcome !! We Must Secure The Existence of Our People and a Future For White Children. english patriot, against multiculturism and believe muslims preach peace but talk bollocks and lie " I'M BOYCOTTING BT, IT HAS A POLICY OF EMPLOYING ILLITERATE INDIANS AS TECH SUPPORT/ CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATORS I ALSO DETEST MUSLIMS, SIKHS, HINDUS AND JEWS " Carlisle Utd and Whitehaven RLFC supporter, bollocks to the UAF, McCanns (thieving murderers), Muslims and Anti Haven Travellers. I am white, upper class, christian, and English. If you are not, you shall burn! Time to deport all muslims from the west, its a war. The left media have not covered the true filth that is Islam. Liberal socialist can go to 4 Nations. 1 Union. #WhiteBritish #GSTQ White British Male who is not allowed to speak his mind like he ought to. Enough is Enough, give us our Country back! Multiculturalism and Diversity simply mean White genocide. Whites want rights too. Follow me and show support or fuck off and put your head back in the sand.......... Writer, worker, wanderer. Contributor to Occidental Dissent, American Renaissance, Counter-Currents and other white advocacy publications I cant stand back and see my land get taken EDL all the way no surrender .sick of the muslim race card We're here to Sound the horn for all White people. We will Tweet out links to information vital to White people for their survival as a distinct racial group. I Like trams and hate blacks We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children! 17, Supports #CAFC, loves ⚽ and is fully English! If you dont like my bio! Jog on, If you do get following were defo get on!! 卐ϟϟ INDIGENOUS CELT 卐ϟϟ NATIONAL SOCIALIST 卐ϟϟ AGAINST ALL THE JEW LIES 卐ϟϟ ANTI-RACIST IS CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE卐 ϟϟ i hate anyhing to do with glasgow celtic 'i really hate scottish and irish catholic's they are all home grown terrorists against the hm queen and the uk Anglisc nationalist.. Follower of old Germanic/Norse folkways. I can trace my family to before the Norman conquest - pure Saxon, pure white all the way! No longer will weaklings rule the White Man by lies and deceit, but, the warrior will make his comeback, and rule by strength, honesty and love for his race. Proud to be British and White!!!! White Race Priority & Earth-Mars Civilizatn / ENTJ's Dialectic-Negatn Systm 4 algorithmic-use in a new Ivory Tower: a unitary basis of a new USA political-party

If you've progressed this far you may as well look at some recent tweets:

RT @Whitepride33: Please !RETWEET! this and spread it to all your white associates currently "on the fence" about race issues!!! http:// ... @nickgriffinmep Nick, plz dont get soft. U need to affirm that Britain is 4 the White British ONLY. @nickgriffinmep heard you are in favour of blacks? @nickgriffinmep Yes the white trash labour can't be trusted.Blacks can't be trusted but labour brought the Blacks to increase votes. @OwenJones84 there's no such thing as 'homophobia' a phobia is an irrational fear not genuine concern or revulsion. Anti-racism = anti-white @THEBLUEYEDEVIL1 yeah, a Jew asking Jews fags and nonwhites about hitler! Almost funny @zaynmalik YOU are such a paki bastard... who do you think you are on our tvs..... u ugly asian... go back to paki land. circumsized cunt “@RodneyMarsh10: Also, it appears in today's society 100% of white people can't say boo to a goose without the world falling down on them! A British man was today thrown out of Pakistan for testing positive for banned substances...Toothpaste,mouthwash,soap and shampoo........... Embrace White Culture White Nationalist News, Blogs, Music, Lectures, & More #WPWW WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE how the actual fuck is a paki wearing a full face burka going to drink a Starbucks coffee? If you're not ashamed to be white, you should be. That's how it works now. #wrb I'm not racist but I think we should have an all-white country. #DaleFarm residents are white so I support them 1OO% Is there no white people left in this country? #baggytrousers #oneshow #madness Johnny White Rabbit - White Countries For Everyone - White GeNOcide Pro...: via @youtube RT @NateAlbrecht: The real racism is not by white people but against white people RT @PakiDave: How is you makings a Paki laugh? Set an Indian bastarts beard on fire RT @PakiDave: Little Indian boy just run in front of my car and I hittings him. I was washing it at time but any excuse, yes? RT @PakiDave: Vhat be you callings 2 blacks on one bicycle? Organised crime RT @PaulinaForslund: White people across the world should work together to make our race stronger and help spread the word about the sit ... Seen some black swimmers in the olympic pool this morning :-D either that or they were floaters with arms?? Lol True equality is within our reach. The anti-whites will not keep us down forever. #Galvanize #RiseUP Two Muslims have crashed a speedboat into the Thames Barrier in London. Police think it might be the start of Ram-a-dam -What do you call a 80 year old black guy? - Antique farm equipment. Will a "collapse" lead to a resurgence in white identity? #tcot #race

I hope this post has helped create an accurate impression of Nick.

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