Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church

On Twitter I asked if anyone would like an account analyzed. I offered to do a wordcloud of the Twitter biographies of followers of nominated accounts.

SomeGreyBloke was first off the mark. If you haven't done so already, do check out his videos. He suggested I check out the Westboro Baptist Church, famed for their "God Hates Fags" placards, their picketing of soldier's funerals,  and their poor personal hygiene.

He was likely unaware that the majority of their followers are not fans. A delightful amalgam of gay, atheist and sane Christian tweeps, the wordcloud of such diverging properties was not one likely to convey all views.

Instead I pulled all messages to @GodHatesFagsWBC and fed that into the mix.

Due to general disinterest in these irrelevant carnival sideshow attractions the collection of tweets is small enough for me to reproduce below. Hats off to the Christians; they seem to be leading the charge.

@GodHatesFagsWBC should go to hell for misquoting the bible and for disrespecting God
@GodHatesFagsWBC I hate you guys , i think your all GAY urselves
@GodHatesFagsWBC I bet you're voting for Obama
@GodHatesFagsWBC You don't have the slightest understanding of your own religion if you use "God" and "hates" in the same sentence/context.
@GodHatesFagsWBC Are greedy little shits. I'm taking full advantage of my free speech when I say you're all knuckle-dragging chucklefucks.
@GodHatesFagsWBC he said FIGS! FIGS! #lgbt #dansavage #gayrights #bigots #goingtohell #christians #tcot #tpot #p2 pic.twitter.com/wV3Tbtyk
@Godhatesfagswbc have you heard of @Dudedudesammich
@GodHatesFagsWBC And god said:.... Nothing because he doesn't exist.
@GodHatesFagsWBC these guys make me laugh, they are beyond stupid and im sure they'll be the ones that perish in hell way before us lot.
@GodHatesFagsWBC God hates our sin not us and he doesn't want us to go to hell, thats why Jesus died for our sins.Jesus loves you God Bless!
@GodHatesFagsWBC Hello Fred this is your conscience speaking why don't you ever listen to me? I keep telling you there are better ways!
@GodHatesFagsWBC You know that 'Feel Good Inc' parody you did? Well, the bassist is a Satanist, and a bisexual.
@GodHatesFagsWBC God loves everybody but you.
@GodHatesFagsWBC You guys are so fucking annoying.
@GodHatesFagsWBC Is there ANYONE outside your little circlejerk that you don't hate?
@GodHatesFagsWBC You stupid fag old man. Go screw yourself since you cant get anything more than you that you scum sucking road whore
@GodHatesFagsWBC W - We <3 -="-" b="b" black="black" c="c" cock="cock" p="p">@GodHatesFagsWBC How about this? HAHA!! http://fox4kc.com/2012/10/25/kcmo-looking-at-new-funeral-protest-ban/ …
@GodHatesFagsWBC Do you go to Kansas to find OZ? I've heard many gays are there #followtheyellowbrickroad to find them
@GodHatesFagsWBC does God hate Furbies too?
@GodHatesFagsWBC Fred Phelps is a closet gay and shirly has an illigetimate child ;)
@godhatesfagswbc your all going to burn in hell
@GodHatesFagsWBC If you can give me one single piece of evidence for your God's existance, AND that he hates gays, I'll join your crusade.
@godhatesfagswbc y'all are all tremendous cunts and i hope you all die in the worst ways. <3 bakari="bakari" p="p">@GodHatesFagsWBC I saw your pastor at a male strip blub 0.o
@GodHatesFagsWBC the word hate is in your name! you keep contradicting yourself!
@GodHatesFagsWBC you are the reason there is hate in this country!
@GodHatesFagsWBC @Cleve_123 how did you use big words? clearly the genius thinks "adhere, and civilization" are big words also hate is a sin
@GodHatesFagsWBC plz stop thx bye
@GodHatesFagsWBC there is something seriously wrong with the minds of you people. Get your reality together.
@GodHatesFagsWBC People who take the bible literally are very very dangerous.. and wrong.

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