Monday, June 25, 2012

Craig Marsh and the Starship Enterprise

"His surgeons do not know how this has happened and have said it was not something that should have happened on it’s own"
 -Testimony on Craig Marsh's website
In an earlier episode, worth reading for background, I spoke of Craig Marsh and his miraculous regrowing stomach. He says with confidence that he is a walking miracle, astounding experienced surgeons in his native New Zealand. He claims documentation to back this up, except when he says the opposite. When you ask to see said paperwork you learn that skeptics are unworthy of standing in its presence and Christians who request proof are merely failing to show enough faith in Craig Marsh.

I've exhausted all reasonable attempts to view a copy of these fascinating records. Luckily, although lacking in detail, there are many stories and anecdotes on his site and one had just enough information to track down the hospital mentioned as being baffled by a supposed miraculous cure.

With that in mind I've sent the following communication to the Starship Foundation, a children's hospital in New Zealand. It does excellent work for unwell youngsters and has rather happily afforded me the indulgence of a pun in this post's title.

Hello, and greetings from Ireland. 
I'm a freelance writer working on an article on miraculous healings around the world and I'm hoping you might have a few moments to answer some very short questions. I realise this is somewhat of a diversion from your more worthy work; as such I've made a small donation in the hopes it covers your time replying to this request. 
I'm writing to you because of reports of miraculous healing in the ministry of Craig Marsh involving a young boy who I understand from a different source was a patient in your care. 
Naturally, patient confidentiality is paramount. I have no desire to learn anything specific about any individual. I've tried to choose questions which hopefully do not breach confidentiality. I mention your former patient only to explain how your foundation came to my attention. With that in mind I ask:
  • Has your foundation ever certified a medical miracle?
  • Has any member of your surgical staff ever written a paper on spontaneous and unexpected remission of cardiac complaints? (Feel free to point me somewhere else where I can search for this information.)
  • Do you recommend intercessory prayer to your patients, and if so, do you recommend specific individuals?
  • Do you have any comment on Turning Point Ministries' claims?
  • Is there anything you'd like to add for those interested in miracles in general?
  • I realise that, be it for reasons of time, policy, or ease of access to information it may not be possible to reply to some of these questions. I'm grateful for any information which you are able to provide, and respect that a complete answer may not be possible.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to say what a great impression your website makes. Your foundation does valuable work; if I'm in a position to highlight its efforts and recommend a donation I will surely do so.
Best regards,

I look forward to their response and will share any information I happen upon.

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Anonymous said...

I will take a lesson from how to write a request for information from the example you provide. Thank you for sharing.

I remain curious about Justin Brierly's take on your follow-up, if that is in the future. Thanks for staying with this story.