Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craig Marsh and the positive review

"People have accused Craig Marsh of being rude and arrogant and of being untruthful. All I can say to those people is that I didn't experience anything like that. I found him both funny and engaging, and he spoke with passion, humility and honesty. No, I didn't see hundreds healed, but plenty came forward to give their life to the Lord or to recommit themselves to him. His preaching and teaching were great, biblically based, profound at times and he clearly understood where we were at as a church." - Red, Christian Blogger
I try to be fair. There is likely disagreement on my success in this endeavour. I've offered Marsh a guest post (and Tzortzis, for that matter) but it's not something he's interested in pursuing at this time. Some weeks ago I had a rather pleasant and polite chat with Red who writes over at Picking Apples of Gold. She's a Christian, miracle-believing blogger who has recently attended a training course in praying for miracle healings.

She's rather kindly reviewed the proceedings over at her blog. There were no healings viewed, or evidence presented, or change of mind on my part, but there was some secondhand testimony. By all accounts he was well received and warm in person. Do have a read, and if you choose to comment, please keep it nice :-)

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