Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ronan Mullen Twitter Analysis

I checked @RonanMullen's Twitter account but find it far too dreary to warrant an extended commentary. If you like, reread my piece on David Quinn and do the necessary search and replace.

Instead I offer the stats and images to my fellow bloggers, regardless of position, to do with as they wish.

Do tweet me or comment with a link when done below. If I like, or strongly dislike your take on the numbers I'll be sure to publicise it for you.

Number of followers: 1,202.
Number of people followed: 20
Total number of women followed by Ronan Mullen: Two.(@MiriamOCal and @LCreighton)
Number of those women who follow him back: One. (@LCreighton)

Word cloud of his followers' Twitter biographies:
Pie chart of the gender balance of his followers:
List of names following him in order of popularity, continued till I reached a female name:

John (23), David (23), Michael (17), Paul (16), Mark (9), Tom (9), The (9), Anthony (8), Brian (8), James (8), Conor (7), Joe (7), Tony (7), Noel (7), Patrick (7), Peter (7), Sean (7), Irish (6), Alan (6), Kevin (6), Jim (5), Fr (5), Senator (5), Liam (5), Seán (5), Mary (5).

I was asked on Twitter if stats like these could reflect a preponderance of men on Twitter generally. Having investigated a little, it seems 62% of people on Twitter are women. If anything we should see the opposite effect.

Have at it, have fun, and if you have questions, ask.


Alistair said...

When I read that he only follows 2 women I was shocked - then saw that he only follows 20 people in all. Still not very balanced, admittedly. He doesn't seem to be a great fan of Twitter - lots of followers but only 68 tweets in 2.5 years. Just pointing these facts out.

Geoff said...

Hi Alistair, good point. I've amended the text to include the number of people he follows.