Sunday, November 18, 2012

ChooseLife2012 twitter stats

I was asked to look at @ChooseLife2012 on Twitter. It's an initiative of the Irish Catholic Bishop's Conference, is against abortion, and has a number of tweets on repeat that encourage prayer and talk of embryo development.

I like to think I approach these things with an open mind and listen to those with a different viewpoint. I've made information public on Youth Defence, but I've also made information public on Proud Pro Choice and Choice Ireland. I've offered my services to pro-life groups and feel there is nothing to fear from accurate data.

So what did I find on @ChooseLife2012? Nothing much. The accounts they follow are primarily based in Ireland, are a sane, reasonable and in some cases interesting bunch. Those following them are also based in Ireland. The gender balance seems fair. If pushed for a complaint I'd quite like it if their site didn't say "Volunteer for a pro-life group" without providing clarity on which groups they deem worthy of support. Still, hardly the worst I've encountered.

Below are the usual, which @ChooseLife2012 are welcome to reuse.

Word cloud of Twitter biographies of @ChooseLife2012 followers

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