Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sexist, homophobic, anti science group would like to share their views on X legislation

Fellow fans of the Irish Times' Letters to the Editor page may have noticed a recent offering from Aontas, a grouping of Evangelical Christian churches operating in Ireland. They used the space to announce their opposition to legislation on X and finished with a list of representatives as signatories.

I checked the list to find the most detailed website and found Billy Hamilton of Covenant Fellowship Galway. Reading through his site I found that they consider the earth to have formed in six calendar days, that "[h]omosexuality is a grave perversion", and that "[t]he wife is to be submissive to her husband".

They are of course entitled to express their views, no matter how ridiculous.

Addendum: although it is clear that all members of Aontas feel comfortable associating with Covenant Fellowship Galway, we cannot immediately be certain that all members share their views. Should any member wish to repudiate Covenant Fellowship Galway's position, I'll be happy to host their comments.

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