Monday, November 19, 2012

We Are All Savita

The title of this blog post is not original. I saw it on a placard when I marched on Saturday. And the constituent parts of the image below are also not my work - they're the profile pictures of the Twitter followers of @ProudProChoice and @ChoiceIreland. Later, based on welcomed feedback in the comments section I added in 583 profile pictures from the march for Savita Facebook event. (Technical reasons prevent me from viewing more.)

It's a collaborative effort. I know many who grieve are not represented below; unfortunately there's no way for me to get images of everyone. It's flawed and imperfect, but in some small way it shows me that when we work together we can remember someone beautiful.

Now let's remember her through legislation.

Update December 5th, 2012: many more have supported or attended marches calling for legislation on the X case. I've rerun the procedure and produced an updated image - the increased number of supporters has resulted in a much sharper image:


Naas Preacher said...

I appreciate the acknowledgement that the image does not represent everyone. Those of us who are pro-life have grieved for Savita's family all week. Our church prayed for her family. Though we may differ in how to respond I think we all indeed, are Savita in this tragedy.

Paul Moloney said...

Actually Roger, I do see some pro-life Tweeters in that image.


Geoff said...

I should note that the image was improved following Roger's comment, with the addition of 583 images from Facebook.

While that should not necessarily affect which Twitter pictures are included, due to the way the algorithm works it may drop some pictures if another better suits a section. The converse is also true.

Or perhaps Roger just missed them first time round :)

Postcolonia said...

Hi Geoff, I am writing an article for an academic journal and wondered if I might get permission to use the image above? Thanks Nilmini Fernando