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Fluoride Girl's Creative Manager Links Homosexuality and the Pill

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in an episode of the 4FM Late Show with Niall Boylan. I commend Boylan for putting the show together so quickly - it seemed as soon as he was aware of campaigners against vaccination he was eager to see their views put to the test. He has done a public service in showing the anti vaccine arguments to be the nonsense that they are. Aisling FitzGibbon, aka The Girl Against Fluoride, was offered a slot to defend her opposition to vaccines, but given the short notice she was unavailable so offered her creative manager and writer as an alternative spokesperson. Her name is Martha Brassil, she is also FitzGibbon's mother.

The call in contributions on the night were excellent and included a mother speaking of her regret at not vaccinating. Her son nearly lost his eyesight. A physiotherapist from Cork told of her experiences working with polio survivors. The vaccine opponents were not as impressive. I won't make you prejudge - the podcast should be available in early January.

Boylan was kind enough to make a small segment available on Soundcloud. During the show we touched on Brassil's beliefs in angel healing and her endorsement of Barbara Wren, a woman caught by the BBC pretending to cure cancer with urine and castor oil. (More on both here.) What raised the most eyebrows was her baffling linking of homosexuality and birth control. It is this segment which Boylan has released early, and I offer a transcription below.

Addendum: the full podcast is now available.

I trust Brassil's claim does not need further debunking. Suffice it to say that the ancient Greeks were not famed for their use of either contraception or plastic.

Segment opens: Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4fm.
Niall Boylan: Padraig says in a tweet here he says I wonder could you possibly ask Aisling's mother about her claims in the paper that the pill turned people gay. Okay so maybe you could clarify that Martha. What did you actually say.
Martha Brassil: I didn't I spoke that I spoke to a researcher this was many, many moons ago, about, she asked me after my divorce I was interested in meeting other guys and the type of person I would be interested in meeting and I said I wasn't interested in meeting guys that were quite effeminate. And what they're doing now is they're taking this out of context and putting it, trying to put it in to in to this thing with vaccines and... [trails off]
Niall Boylan: Okay so you don't believe - hang on for a second Geoff - so you're telling me you don't believe that the pill, eh, turns people gay or anything like that there's...
Martha Brassil: Not per se, no
Niall Boylan: Not per se.
Martha Brassil: No because the pill reduces zinc levels in the mother, and that, that can be a predisposition factor, for em, children to be em -
Niall Boylan: Homosexual
Martha Brassil: more susceptible to, no, More susceptible to
Niall Boylan: So, so you are actually saying that the pill then increases the chance of becoming homosexual. Of a child being homosexual.
Martha Brassil: No you can't...
Niall Boylan: Well but no that's what you're saying! You're saying that the pill increases zinc levels which in turn the child would be more susceptible to being homosexual. So you -
Martha Brassil: No, no I'm not saying that. You're trying to put words into my mouth.
Niall Boylan: I'm not! I'm just repeating what you just said.
Martha Brassil: You aren't.
Niall Boylan: Okay well I'm just repeating what you just said Martha.
Martha Brassil: I'm saying that the pill reduces zinc levels...
Niall Boylan: Yes
Martha Brassil: Low zinc levels in a mother can predispose the mother to having a child who has homosexuality.
Niall Boylan: Is that not what I just said?
Me: Who has homosexuality? Do you think it's a disease?
Martha Brassil: But this is, it's like it would be in combination with other factors you've got this high oestrogen factor from plastics this high plastic levels in our environment which mimics oestrogen
Niall Boylan: So you're saying it's a factor.
Martha Brassil: mimics hormones
Niall Boylan: Okay so you're saying it's a factor.
Martha Brassil: A factor yeah, but I'm not saying total cause.
Niall Boylan: But even to say that with absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever - it's a kind of outrageous claim, Martha, do you not believe.
Martha Brassil: I don't think it's outrageous no because I have read -
Niall Boylan: Okay
Martha Brassil: I have read reports from other doctors who have done quite a lot of work...
[segment ends] Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4fm

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